About Us

Our cosmetics are produced in a laboratory in Bangkok. Manufactured according to international GMP standards. FDA certified. We strive to produce only quality cosmetics with the highest safety standards for consumers. Our team consists of TECHNOLOGISTS, chemists and pharmacists with experience and a willingness to research and development, because we know that research and development is the foundation of quality.

Our details: ART BRAIN CO., LTD. 27/79 Moo 1, Rawai, Mueang Phuket Phuket 83130 Tax ID:0205560041708 HEAD OFFICE

ИП: Котлова Тамара Андреевна
ИНН: 540406216916
Адрес: 630048, Новосибирская обл, г Новосибирск, ул Серафимовича, д 25, кв 19
Телефон: +66-94-692-67-37
Email: grow.info.me@gmail.com


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